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uglypeoplesuck's Journal

---------------------------> uglypeoplesuck
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Welcome to uglypeoplesuck, one of livejournal's most active rating communities. People of all shapes and sizes need apply, but make sure you're able to handle criticism.

1. When applying, you must put "NEW" or "APPLICATION" in the subject line. When stamped, you must put "STAMPED" in the subject line. Simple concept.
2. Each applicant must use a valid salute with their username and either @LJ or @UGLYPEOPLESUCK. THIS is a valid salute, as is THIS. However, THIS is not, and neither is THIS.
3. Each applicant must also post an icon sized photo for the members page.
4. The application doesn't have to behind a cut, but the photos do.
5. Promotions by stamped members is allowed, so long as you post your photos within your post. No pictures, no promotion.
6. Only stamped members may vote. Otherwise, you will be banned.
7. For sister community inquiries, contact the maintainer.
8. You must post a minimum of four pictures (icon and salute NOT counted), but please, no more than 10.

1. What's your name:
2. Your age:
3. Location:
4. Hobbies:
5. What is beauty to you:
6. In your eyes, who are the most beautiful celebrities?
7. Five favorite movies:
8. Five favorite TV shows:
9. Five favorite bands/musicians:
10. Many people believe your personality influenes how beautiful you are. What is the most beautiful part of your personality?
11. Your icon sized picture for the members page.
12. Your salute.
13. The rest of your pictures.




All members can be found here.

Banners can be found here.